memory usage
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Developer Outertech

Cacheman is a program that lets you manage the running programs in realtime. It allows you to set the priority ...


Developer Elcor Software

TweakRAM is a RAM optimization tool for Windows. It is an application that can effectively monitor and optimize the ...


Developer Carthago Software

MemInfo is a memory management program developed by Carthago Soft. It is designed to enhance the functions of Windows Task Manager, ...

JetBrains dotMemory

Developer JetBrains Inc

JetBrains dotMemory optimizes memory usage in your .NET application. dotMemory allows you to analyze memory ...

Extra RAM

Developer Repairsoft

Extra RAM is a memory optimization tool for Windows. It is a very lightweight app that constantly scans your RAM ...

.NET Memory Profiler

Developer SciTech Software AB

.NET Memory Profiler is a comprehensive and efficient tool for finding memory leaks and optimizing the memory usage in programs. The ...


Developer Eastbow Lab

PMP is a performance monitor for remote Windows servers. You can monitor the real time CPU, memory, disk and network ...

System Monitor II

Developer Igor "Igogo" Bushin

Though many users are satisfied with the information and statistics provided by Windows’ Task Manager, others might find its overall values not ...

ALL Browsers Memory Zip

Developer Adham Dahab

If you ever open your Windows Task Manager while browsing the Web and look at the Processes tab, you will quickly notice ...

Memory Fox Professional

Developer IDEVFH L.L.C.

Memory Fox Professional is a program which reduces both Browser and Flash RAM Memory usage. It executes all ...


Developer Cdrsgi

A small tool to view memory usage of your computer. You may also see free space of your hard disk etc. Options to set refresh interval ...

Memory Improve Ultimate Free

Developer WindowsCare Technology Inc.

Memory Improve is a memory management utility. It allows you to keep track of the memory your programs are using and, if needed, take some ...

Memory Monitor

Developer SpeedApps Inc

Memory Monitor is utility that monitors physical memory in Windows systems (98/2K/XP). With this little tool you can track usage of ...

Trayler XP

Developer Jan Ringos

Simple utility, that monitors CPU usage, physical memory usage, keyboard locks and time, and displays it in the ...

Active Memory Manager for ACT! vs

Developer Durkin Computing

Active Memory Manager installs a memory usage indicator on the toolbar to inform the user about the actual memory state in ACT! Active Memory ...